Mary's inspiring and poetic lyrics speak to deep emotional bonds and human connections and the resiliency of the human spirit.  Fully aware of the difficult and dark moments in life, Mary balances hope and positivity with the ever present pain and uncertainty that is part of the human condition. Her wide vocal range and unique style weave magically with beautiful melodies and rhythms.  Her voice has been described as beautiful, soothing, powerful, rich, soulful, soft and delicate.  Listeners get a glimpse of this in almost every song.

The deep and heartfelt lyrics in songs like “Hold On” and “Blood Supply” hide Mary’s terrific sense of humor and social awareness that we see in her other songs.  Her upbeat “Unoriginality” is a call to young women to be authentic and to avoid the foolish media messages and ideals that are destined to destroy the beauty that is inside all of us. 

While staying true to herself as an artist, there is something for everyone in Mary’s first album.  Mary bares her soul in the relationship/breakup songs like “Wasted on You” and “Miss You”.  But her youthful optimism and joy come through loud and clear in the emotional upbeat rhythms of “Alright” and “Till I Die”.  Country fans can relate to the sensitive ballad  “Second Best” which one can easily envision being sung by any top country star in a bar in Nashville.  You will find easy to listen to pop songs, a little bit of folk and quite a bit of soul.  Tying everything together as one cohesive package are Mary’s beliefs in the power of love and togetherness.  We are all extremely vulnerable and incredibly powerful at the same time.  Wisdom isn’t limited to our elders and you find a lot of it in the words of this young lady.

Mary hopes to inspire and challenge her fans:

  • To be authentic
  • To avoid following the crowd
  • To choose Love over Fear
  • To stay positive
  • To never give up
  • To follow their passions
  • To realize they're not alone

Mary’s raw musical instincts produce complex lyrics but pleasant songs loaded with hooks that get lodged permanently in your head.  The quality and variety of her songs combined with powerful and hopeful messages leave you wanting for more.  Her journey has just begun.  Enjoy the ride!